• Biel Baum 

    activist chef 🥗

    basic emergencies & HR 💧🍎🏠🌳

    blockchain, web3, DAO, ReFi, Public Good promoter 💬

    inclusive communities 🌈🎗♿️

    social entrepreneur ☯️ 🐾 ♻️👣

    support for changemakers & refugees ☮️

    2e:ASD/GFT neuroatypical 🧬🖖🏻

    NB 🦄



    Horizontal co-creation of social and environmental entrepreneurship, cause-support campaigns & fundraising, holacracy and decentralised governance.


    Co-creation of products, mobilisation of collectives, participation in documentaries, workshops, creation of healthy menus, mentoring for young people.


    Recommendation of excellent cooks, chefs, nutritionists, activists and journalists for transformative projects.


    Participation in research and public policies to promote the expansion of conscious consumption, food safety, education, environmental preservation and waste management.


    Any other idea you have in mind that preserves lives, has a positive social or environmental impact, that our team or I can collaborate on is very welcome.

  • Mini-bio 2011-2022

    Thank you so much to all the masters, chefs, activists, mentors, partners, collaborators, event organisers, fellow cooks, publisher, families, volunteers, sponsors and press who allow me to develop projects and share what I learn with so many amazing people!
    11 years flying among the crowd. Dreaming, sowing, nourishing, expanding in network. #ChefsForUkraine #CookForUkraine
  • Please, attention!

    NO! ⚠️

    I do not collaborate with any product/service/corporation/project that promotes labour analogous to slavery, sexual exploitation, discrimination of race, sexual orientation or gender, contributes to indigenous and other ethnic genocide, abuse in the use of natural resources.


    I do not receive support, endorsement, sponsorship or any benefits from companies involved in public scandals. Please avoid communicating with me if your company is involved in investigations of misconduct or exploitation of people or nature. Thank you.


    Avoid embarrassment.


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